Hockey Wales prides itself on being an inclusive organisation. Over the last 3 years we have continued to demonstrate our commitment to the equality agenda and achieved a range of different awards. We currently hold the Preliminary level of the Equality Standard for Sport, we were the first National Governing Body in Wales to sign up to the LGBT charter and are working towards insport ribbon. The next challenge is to ensure our clubs are working in the same way.

Building An Inclusive Hockey Family

In 2011 Hockey Wales launched its vision not only to significantly increase its membership, increase its European ranking and produce top class players to represent Great Britain at international level but also to dramatically increase the amount of youngsters exposed to the game. This part of the vision will only be achieved if we as a national governing body and our clubs reach out to a wide range of community groups and go beyond the traditional hockey player.

In 2012 Hockey Wales demonstrated its commitment to equality by signing up to the Equality Standard for Sport and achieved the first of 4 levels – the foundation level. This level challenged the organisation to think and act in an inclusive manner and try to start embedding a culture of inclusion and equality throughout the staff and board members.

In 2014 Hockey Wales went on to achieve the next level of the Equality Standard (The Preliminary Standard) and in January 2017 will present to industry experts and supporting partners with the aim of achieving the 3rd level – the Intermediate Level of the standard. 

Hockey Wales continues to focus on the following protected characteristics of equality to ensure these particular groups have access to a quality hockey experience:

  • BAME - Black, Asian, Minority and Ethnic Groups
  • Gender - Women and Girls
  • LGBT - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender
  • Disability

As well as these recognised protected groups we are also committed to ensuring we provide a range of opportunities for children and adults who live in disadvantaged communities and providing opportunities through the medium of Welsh. Some of the key achievements over the last 18 months are;

  • Establishing a pro-active and skills based Equality National Steering Group in partnership with the Golf Union of Wales.
  • Achieving insport ribbon – a Disability Sport Wales award recognising our commitment to disabled people within our sport.
  • Achieving the Preliminary Standard of the Equality Standard for Sport
  • Creating a pathway for disability hockey.
  • Organising the first ever disability schools hockey festival in Wrexham

Hockey Wales are still proud to be part of the equality networks LGB&T Sport Cymru and BME Sport Cymru.

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National Equality Steering Group

Hockey Wales have teamed up with the Golf Union of Wales to form the first ever joint sport National Equality Steering Group in Wales.

The steering group will help shape the organisations direction of travel to ensure children, young people and adults from a range of backgrounds have access to a high quality hockey and golf experience. The group will support the staff team in delivering the National Equality Action Plan and support projects such as ‘insport’ and help achieve the Equality Standards for sport.

The steering group has been newly created to ensure delivery of both National Governing Bodies Equality Plans and help support the organisations commitment to the Intermediate Equality Standard and insport.

The National Steering Group will support in the following ways:

  1. Supporting the National Lead officer in delivering the equality objectives for 2015/16.
  2. Check and challenge the National Equality Action Plans for each sport.
  3. Support wiht Equality Impact Assessments.
  4. Seek funding opportunities to support any specific equality projects
  5. Promote and highlight good practice from both Governing Bodies and other sports.

Current Steering Group Members

Helen Humphrey - Hockey Wales Board Director and Equality Champion

Richard Jones - Hockey Wales Representative

Zoe Thacker - Golf Union of Wales Representative

Ben Williams

Hannah Bevan

Michelle Daltry

Ali Abdi

Jessica Price

Simon Jones

Terms of Reference - National Equality Steering Group
Equality Steering Group - First Meeting Presentation



Equality Impact Assessments

The following Equality Impact Assessments are available on request to

  • Equality Policy
  • Hockey5's
  • Umpire Level 1
  • Equality Kick Start Grant
  • Recruitment Policy
  • Maternity and Paternity Policy
  • Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic Groups
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT)

    Find out about how you can demonstrate that you and your hockey club are LGB&T friendly

  • Disability Hockey
  • Women & Girls Hockey

    We are fortunate in Hockey that approximately 70% of our membership is made up of females, we have an abundance of female only clubs and mixed clubs and the womens game is strong with well organised leagues and competitions. However, we recognise that we need to ensure this trend continues and are working hard to encourage new people to try hockey for the first time.