Hockey Wales is committed to supporting a strong North Wales and understands that it's needs are different to that of the South. Read on more about the Regional Plan and how it plans to bring alive Hockey in the North!

Understanding your needs

North Wales has been talking to the members, as well as other key partners, because we wanted to understand the areas of development that need to be focussed on to increase participation and membership.

As a direct result of these consultations, we’ve developed the one year Regional plan. Right now, it’s very operational and really only scratches the surface of that needs to be done to achieve our goals, but we have seen significant progress and buy in already.



North Wales Regional Plan 2015-2017

Long Term Game

Whilst a one year plan is excellent for a start, in order to have any form of real impact, a four year plan that is currently in development will set out longer term goals that can really make a difference and provide clear guidelines that reflect the needs of the region.

Everyone deserves to clearly see how they can contribute, whilst supporting Hockey Wales VISION 2020.

The ambition

The ambition in North Wales is unique in that it sets out this long term aspiration of providing North Wales with a comprehensive structure that’s practical, sustainable and dynamic progressing hockey over the years to come. Four year priorities will be drawn together through the aforementioned input from members, as well as Local Authorities, POD meetings, WHUA meetings  other key stakeholders.

With Hockey Agents in place, it’s possible to see a new level of input due to their unique and diverse local knowledge of the schools and clubs in their areas.