The Hockey for Life framework offers a coherent philosophy, structure and longterm vision to hockey participation at all levels. This holistic framework demonstrates how everyone can be involved in the sport of Hockey including players, coaches, officials, umpires, volunteers, educators and administrators.

At a glance

The Hockey for Life framework  is an integrated, holistic and longitudinal framework for everyone involved in hockey throughout Wales. It’s the basis on which we make all our decisions and develop any new initiatives.  The framework was established to give everyone the opportunity to help Hockey in Wales grow and excel.

By everyone, we mean everyone! -   Afull spectrum of participants. Everyone has a part to play and no one is excluded;

  • Players
  • Coaches
  • Officials
  • Umpires
  • Volunteers
  • Educators
  • Administrators

What are the Principles?

Like any framework, the design must be aligned with the overarching aims and goals of the sport. Our aims with Hockey for Life are:

  1. To create a holistic framework for all participants to engage, grow and excel in Hockey. We believe in one system for all.
  2. To establish and promote the ‘Welsh Way’ of playing and delivering hockey, providing a bespoke shared vision for players, staff and parents to ensure greater consistency in delivery throughout.
  3. To create a system that is player-centred, development driven and competition supported, designed to nurture talent to thrive.
  4. Prioritise talent development over talent identification, reflecting the dynamic nature of current and future player development.
  5. To provide a longitudinal framework for the development of both domestic and international talent.

Why do we need the framework?

We intend to develop the ‘Welsh Way’, which allows potential to grow and succeed under a clear and developed philosophy. This philosophy requires a clear and consistent pathway to direct all those who want to be involved in the game.

Our philosophy is simple:

Hockey in Wales should be player-centred, development-driven and competition-supported.

The framework changes the way we think about the sport as it’s specifically designed to help all those involved in hockey achieve their potential. Our programmes will encompass all areas of player development such as technical, tactical, physical conditioning, sport psychology and lifestyle based on game sense approach.

We are creating something which embraces talent development and in doing so, achieves the following:

  • A move towards assessing learning rates by the creation of ‘stretch’ for players.
  • A move away from snapshot trials and competition-based assessment. De-emphasise winning as  the marker of success.
  • To develop the motivation & commitment to the long-term process of player development and encourage player responsibility in personal learning.
  • To develop an active monitoring system for all players to effectively record and review personal achievement and progress. This includes technical, tactical, fitness, mental and lifestyle characteristics of performance excellence.
  • To prepare and support players through transitions in this development.

Where did the framework come from?

In 2010 Hockey Wales meet with a wide range of members and stakeholders through an independently appointed company and began the through process of reviewing the previous Hockey Pathway, its benefits, shortfalls and the challenges which it created to the Hockey family.

One of the key concerns highlighted by the review was the lack of understanding around the previous pathway. This highlighted the fact that the current system is poorly understood, but also indicates the necessity for the new pathway to be communicated clearly and cohesively to all hockey members and stakeholders.

Input from the current hockey community in Wales indicated that the new framework must reduce the burden on resources including the workforce, relieve some of the pressures on talented players who are often torn in a number of directions, communicate a clear message regarding both aims and implementation and ensure consistency in delivery content and standards.

This lead to an extensive phase of development and research that produced the Hockey for Life documents below.

Watch and learn

Find out more about Hockey for Life in the videos below.