An elite selection of exceptionally talented Welsh players will be invited to be a part of the AspireGB group of athletes. These singular individuals will be chosen from national squads, with the aim of creating a transition step for them to fully realise their potential on a GB level.

The programme seeks to develop players who are devoted to sporting excellence and wish to utilise all areas of supporting sports science to maximise their potential to achieve GB Youth or GB Senior representation.

Mission Statement

This programme has a single goal; to hone individuals in pursuit of sporting excellence at two stages. The ‘training to train’ stage (U18s) and the ‘training to win’ stage (18+) of long-term athlete development.

AspireGB utilises all levels of supporting sport science to fully maximise potential. It works to achieve Tier 6 of the Hockey For Life framework (for a select number of athletes) - GB Youth or GB Senior representation.

Vision 2020

AspireGB aims to support achieving the VISION 2020 target of providing 2-4 athletes to the GB squads for the Olympics Games in 2020. It will be done by developing a small cohort of athletes from national squads.


Athletes are accepted onto the programme at two levels:

Level 1 - Aspiring GB athletes

Level 2 - Core Wales athlete with the potential to progress to Level 1 within 18 months.

Level 1 athletes are selected on an annual basis, however, athletes can be selected for level 2 at any point in the year to aid in the individual peaks during a player’s development. The selection process with be via Performance TAG and Head Coach nominations.

Aspire to Inspire…

Sarah Thomas, Welsh double Olympian and Bronze medal winner writes…

The London 2012 Olympics has done a great deal to demonstrate the excellence which can be achieved in sport by GB athletes.  It is clear from the words of so many athletes that a combination of opportunity, support and relentless hard work has led them to that point.   Hockey Wales aim to enhance your opportunity and support through the inception of the AspireGB programme. 


As with all elite sports though it is ultimately only you, the athlete, who can decide whether you are prepared to put in the hard work.  AspireGB seeks to nurture those who are prepared to take their chance, to push themselves to the limit, to succeed, fail, succeed, fail and get back up again, to grow as people and to lead other players in Wales. 

Sally Munday of Great Britain Hockey writes...

Great Britain Hockey congratulates Hockey Wales on the launch of the new Aspire GB programme. The support for athletes with potential to play for Great Britain is a crucial element in a players career and can make the difference between a successful transition or not. Hockey Wales’ approach to Player Development and the new Hockey for Life Framework should be congratulated and we look forward to seeing more players from Wales.