• 4689

    4689 is a brand new way to play hockey. Aimed at junior players, the programme follows the Play to Learn and Multi Skills ethos which is directed at ability, rather than age.

  • Schools

    School is where most people will experience hockey for the first time. Hockey Wales as a National Governing body have great ambitions for the sport over the coming years and recognise the important role that schools can play in supporting these ambitions.

  • Back To Hockey

    Are you looking to improve your fitness or get into shape? Back To Hockey is here to help!

  • Club Hockey

    Clubs are an essential element of the sport as a whole and provide that brilliant fun, friendly and competitive atmosphere that keeps people returning week in week out to play the sport they love!

  • Colleges & Universities

    Hockey Wales is committed to working with our Schools and Colleges to promote and expand Hockey as much as we can! Find out more about how we plan to do that and how we can help!

  • Hockey Wales Club Development Officers