4689 is a specifically designed Hockey format that's been created for junior athletes to pick up and play hockey simply and easily! Find out more about it below!

Hockey is an exciting sport, offering a great chance to make friends, get fit and do something as part of a team. But it isn’t always the most accessible sport to get into.

This is where 4689 comes in. Launched in September 2012, 4689 is a brand new way to play hockey. Aimed at junior players, the programme follows the Play to Learn and Multi Skills ethos which is directed at ability, rather than age. 

What does 4689 mean?

A progressive format, 4689 does exactly what the name suggests but with the added bonus of introducing young leaders and umpires from an early age to get used to different roles involved in hockey and develop the different strengths and interests that young people may have.

There are four levels, with teams set at 4 v 4, followed by 6 v 6 (4 players plus a coach and umpire for each team), then 8 v 8 (6 Players plus a coach and umpire for each team) and ending 9 v 9 (7 players plus a coach and umpire for each team). This allows a flexible and accessible level of hockey that won’t prove too taxing for the novice learner. Nor will it prove too easy for the more experienced hockey players out there.

If you want to deliver the 4689 experience, then depending on your experience you’ll be able attend a three or a six hour Sports Leaders UK endorsed training workshop which gives you access to the 4689 website. The website is a comprehensive resource, giving you:

  • 46 technical cards
  • 30 activities and videos
  • Competition formats and rules for all levels
  • Ways to get more involved!

What is 4689?

Download the PDF introducing 4689 – the new route into hockey.Check out the video from our launch in Cardiff!

4689 Review 2013

Download the 4689 Review 2013 PDF

Good Practice Section

Competitions Toolkit
The 4689 Competitions Tool kit is avaliable to download here

Want to get the resources?

If you are interested in buying any of the associated resources to support the delivery of 4689? Please contact Debra Barker for further information

What do I get out of 4689?

Plenty. There’s so many benefits through this form of hockey delivery:

  • A fundamental resource to provide great opportunities for all level of players
  • Teaching and coaching through game-based play
  • Links to the curriculum
  • Great opportunities for more children to get involved
  • Leadership opportunities built in for young people at an early stage
  • Ability to utilise and maximise existing play space, enabling more young people to take part

I’ve been on a workshop, how can I get more information?

You can find more information on the 4689 website.

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