CLUB LIFE is all about empowering clubs to grow, engaging more frequently with new and existing clubs and helping clubs to operate in a more sustainable way. Under the CLUB LIFE umbrella you will be able to find a range of supporting resources, blogs, case studies, opportunities and loads more.

CLUB LIFE : Your one-stop shop for Club Development Resources

CLUB LIFE is all about empowering clubs to grow, engaging more frequently with new and existing clubs and helping clubs to operate in a more sustainable way. Under the CLUB LIFE umbrella you will be able to find a range of supporting resources, blogs, case studies, opportunities and loads more. Thanks to Friends of Welsh Hockey for supporting this initiative.

Resources: Over the next 12 months we will be developing in the region of 24 resources which clubs can download or view on-line to help certain areas of club development. This could range from applying for Community Chest funding right through to developing a satellite club.

If you have any suggestions for future resources please get in touch with Richard Jones

Blogs: Each month we will be inviting someone from the Hockey Family or sports industry to share some experiences with us all. This could be something positive, negative or just some really useful information.

If you would like to be one of our ‘guest bloggers’ please get in touch with Richard Jones

Case Studies: As part of CLUB LIFE we will be looking for some examples of good practise, this could be from the world of Hockey to something really exciting that we could use from a different sport or industry. We all do so many incredible things, but usually forget to share it. If you keep your eyes on the section of CLUB LIFE you could get some excellent ideas of how to transform your club.



RESOURCES: HMRC & Employment Status Guidelines

The following documents are designed to ensure that our member clubs are aware of their responsibilities and potential risks that paying individuals may cause. We are also keen to ensure that we protect the voluntary nature of our sport and the many thousands of volunteers that run our game week in, week out across Wales. 

Resources include:

  • Employment status guidelines
  • 3 amendable employment contract templates
Employment Status Guidelines
Canllawiau statws cyfogaeth
Letter to Clubs - Employment
Employment Contract Template - Permanent 
Self-employed Consultancy Agreement Template
Casual Hourly Paid Agreement Template
WSA Tax Advice Line
RESOURCES: Funding Options Available to Clubs

Community Chest is a grant provided by Sport Wales which is used to kick start new projects and support coach development and coach education. Grants of up to £1,500 per club (per financial year) are available and this resource will give you a step by step guide to completing an application form.

Applying for a Sport Wales Community Chest Grant
Gwneu cais am Grant o Gist Gymunedol Chwaraeon Cymru 

Below you will find a range of funding opportunities that you may be able to access to help different aspects of your club. These will range from local specific small grant to much larger national grants.

Additional external funding opportunities available
Cyfleoedd Cyllido Allanol

Friends of Welsh Hockey is a Charity set up to support field hockey activities within Wales. Its two main areas of operation is to run a monthly draw and to administer the fund that this draw generates.  This fund will allow the Charity to help develop hockey throughout Wales by supporting projects run by Clubs / Schools or individuals.  The fund will also provide financial assistance for young people to improve their hockey experiences whether it be as a player, umpire, official or volunteer.

Friends of Hockey Wales Application Form                                                                                                                                     
RESOURCE: How to be an Inclusive Club

Being an inclusive club means that you are willing, have the capacity and encourage children and adults from all backgrounds and abilities to join your Hockey Club. You do not necessarily need to have specific training to be an inclusive club but there are a lot of resources available to ensure that you offer all members of the community a positive experience. In order to be a truly inclusive club there needs to be a commitment from all members of the club right from committee members through to parents to ensure all new comers are welcome at the club.

How to be an Inclusive Club
Sut mae bod yn Glwb Cynhwysol
RESOURCE: Linking Your Club to a Local School

Linking your Hockey Club to a local school is a great way of forming a partnership between your club and a local school or number of schools. There are many different benefits to both the club and school, you could even apply for a Community Chest Grant from Sport Wales to help fund your club to school link.

This resource will give you everything you will need to know about establishing an effective club to school link programme.

Linking Your Club to a Local School
Cysylltu eich Clwb Hoci ag Ysgol leol
RESOURCE: Making Hockey Safe

It is essential that your hockey club is a safe place for young people to enjoy playing the sport. It is the responsibility of everyone to ensure that hockey activities are safe and fun. 

Making Hockey Safe
Gwneud Hoci'n Ddiogel
RESOURCE: Making Your Club More Visible in the Community

The growth and development of your club depends on how visible you are in the community, especially if you do not have your own facility and hire a leisure centre of school site. Making yourself known to members of your community will help the club develop both in terms of membership, workforce, attracting those all-important volunteers or gaining some valuable sponsorship to help the club finances!

This resource will give you some top tips and some obvious starting points you may not have thought about before. Implementing just two or three of these could dramatically improve the club. 

Making Your Club More Visable in the Community

Gwneud eich Clwb Hoci'n fwy gweladwy yn y gymuned leol
RESOURCE: Writing a Club Action Plan

Why not use this very simple action plan template to plan all your clubs' activities for the year, or even better work out where you want the club to be in the 3 years’ time and try and work backwards.

Writing a Club Action Plan

Club Action Plan Template

Ysgrifennu Cyllun Gweithredu Clwb - Templed
RESOURCE: Hockey Wales Products & Programmes

Hockey Wales offers a range of products & programmes designed to introduce, develop and support hockey at all stages.


4689 is a progressive format, doing exactly what the name suggests but with the added bonus of introducing young leaders and umpires from an early age. This gets children used to different roles involved in hockey and develops the different strengths and interests that young people may have.

Products & Programmes: 4689
4689 - Y Llwybr at Hoci

Back2Hockey is an 8 week programme aimed at reintroducing, or introducing hockey for the first time. As a club you have the chance to gain new members by running a Back2Hockey scheme. 

Products & Programmes: Back2Hockey

Back2Hockey - rhowch gynnig arni neu dewch yn ôl

Rush Hockey is a fun, 5v5 version of the traditional hockey game. It’s made up of simple rules, smaller pitches and a bigger, lighter ball. It can be played on a range of surfaces, both indoors and out - the choice is yours.

Products & Programmes: RUSH Hockey 

RUSH Hockey - Frordd gyflym a chyffrous i chwarae

RESOURCE: The Hockey Secretary

If you're new to the role of club secretary, this guide is for you providing top tips on the responsibilities that go with the role.

The Hockey Secretary
RESOURCE: Recruiting Volunteers

Put simply if it wasn’t for the vast amount of volunteers giving their time and expertise sport in Wales would grind to a halt. Volunteers are the life blood of clubs and this resource will help your Hockey Club do the following:

  • Develop ideas around how to RECRUIT new Volunteers
  • Effectively ENGAGING volunteers
  • How to DEVELOP volunteers
  • Help you RETAIN volunteers 

Recruiting Volunteers

Gwirfoddolwyr yn Gwneud i Hoci Ddigwydd
RESOURCE: Competitions

We typically have two types of club competitions - leagues and cups.

Details on what leagues and cups typically consist of, as well as contact details for existing competitions, can be found in the below resource:


RESOURCE: Getting the most out of Twitter

Twitter is an online social networking service that enables users to send and read short 140-character messages called "tweets". This can be a really useful tool in communicating your clubs' messages and engaging with members and potential members.

A How-to Guide to Twitter                                                                                                                                       

Twitter - Cymraeg
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