Our previous qualification terminology suggests a hierarchical nature to the development of coaches, (i.e. Level 1, 2, 3 and 4) and did not cater for the differing groups or capabilities that a coach delivers to.

The renaming of qualifications and the introduction of a wider coach development pathway involving many more specific development opportunities will better equip coaches with what is needed to deliver in certain environments.



The emphasis of the new courses is on helping coaches to deliver fun, engaging and developmental sessions for players.  The activities have been designed to provide:

  • A player centred approach
  • A games rather than drills culture - it should look and feel like the game!
  • Questioning style

We believe a skilled coach uses all three components and over time continues to enhance their development in these areas to provide the best possible experience and learning environments for the players that they are coaching.


Structure of Courses

You told us that courses need to have maximum 'pitch time' and more home study time to allow for coaches to learn in their own time.  This will reduce the length of courses and amount of travel to and from course venues.

We have also built in flexible assessment methods so the coach will be supported through to completion of the qualification after attending the course.



Hockey Wales is proud to offer a Coaches Membership.  This is currently priced at £24.00 and covers your affiliation to Hockey Wales, provides civil liability insurance to the value of £1,000,000 as well as other membership benefits.

It also has the advantage of giving you capital benefits of £10,000 whilst coaching at any club of school.

It is extremely important that your club affiliates you as a coach on the Hockey Wales membership system (My Hockey Wales).  The fee for coaching membership will be included in their annual fee.

For individuals not associated to a club, they can get the same benefits from registering as an independent Hockey Coach member.


Development Opportunities

The GB Coaching Club Programme will continue to grow and evolve to provied relevant and loacl CPD to better develop coaches, as we know that 3 in 4 coaches want more localised workshops.