Friends of Welsh Hockey is a Charity set up to support field hockey activities within Wales. Its two main areas of operation is to run a monthly draw and to administer the fund that this draw generates. This fund allows the Charity to help develop hockey throughout Wales by providing grants to support projects run by clubs / school or individuals.

Friends of Welsh Hockey

The Trustees of the charity are anxious to receive applications for hockey related grants particularly if Community Chest (and other grant giving organisations) have been unable to help. Trustees would also like to see an increase in the number of people taking part in the monthly draw as this increases the amount of money available to give out as grants.

Details of how to join the monthly draw and how to apply for grants are available through the Friends of Welsh Hockey Website or by emailing

You can also follow the Friends of Welsh Hockey, and get updates on the winners using their new twitter account!

The Charity was established in April 2011 (Charity No 1140894) and is run independently of the National Governing Body - Hockey Wales.